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Domains and Hosting

Before building your website a domain must be purchased and then hosted so it can go live on the Internet. We can help you choose the best host for your website so that it is secure and with excellent technical support. Introducing our partners The Hosting Coalition (HC).



We are specialist in the WordPress platform and Divi Builder by Elegant Themes. We will use this combination as standard although we can use other WordPress themes if you have already found something you would like us to use. We use WordPress because it ranks well in search engines such as Google and this platform can be managed by our clients after the website is built if the client prefers. We can continue to manage your site once it is built for a monthly fee, which is negotiable depending on your requirements. We can write and add content to your site on an on-going basis if you require. Once your site is built we will do an initial review with you so you can see the final product and determine further changes are required.


Making Your Website SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will be crucial in getting noticed online. Your website can improve it rankings in the search engines over time as more content is added to your site. We strongly recommend having a blog or newsfeed on your website to help this. We use the Yoast SEO plugin to keep your content readability and SEO as good as it can be. It is also worth mentioning here that plugins like Yoast update all the time as search engines like Google change their algorithms all the time without any notification. Yoast takes that worry away. Yoast comes in two versions, the free version d the Pro version. In addition, to Yoast there are additional strategies for effective SEO that will need to be implemented if you are to be successful in driving free organic traffic.


Email Marketing Software Integration

If you have an email list we can easily integrate this with your website so that any ‘opt-in’ or ‘sign-up’ forms will send your customers to your email auto-responder or regular news letter/blog. If you do not already have an email-marketing list then we can set this up for you and we recommend AWeber, which we use for both our businesses.

AWeber costs $20.00/pcm with the first month free. We are affiliates with this product and therefore take a recurring commission from the fee you pay to AWeber.

Responsive Pages

Internet browsing habits have evolved. We will ensure that your website is responsive on all devices (PC/Mac, tablet and mobile phone). Your website will have the right look and proportions to suit viewing from different devices.

Sleek Design

We will use the right WordPress theme to suit your needs but we are also ‘Divi specialists’. Divi is a WordPress theme customising tool by Elegant Themes, which gives a website a great clean, glossy modern look.

Easy Navigation

Once visitors come to your website, they will want to find their way round quickly, or stick around to read your content. Our websites will enable visitors to navigate easily and ‘opt-in’ to your business email list if you require them to.

Divi Specialists

Whilst WordPress is a great platform to build your site using ready made themes, this can bring limitations. We can use page builders like Divi by Elegant themes to design your website just as you want it with literally thousands of variants to choose from.


SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimisation is always an long term strategy in Digital Marketing. We can make your website SEO friendly by registering your site with Google Search Console, creating xml site maps and complete your on-page SEO so search engines will start crawling your site.


The Ultimate Email Autoresponder Software

Disclaimer – “We only recommend other services or products that we either use or trust. However, you should always do your own due diligence before making any purchase”.

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