Does your business need to be with the ‘in’ website trends? Are you looking for a new website or re-design of an existing one? 2015 to 2017 has been a period of the clean minimalistic look. This has been great for WordPress themes such as ‘Divi’ by elegant themes. So what are the latest website trends?

Geometric Design

This is coming and making a grand entrance in the latest website trends. Patterns, shapes and lines so that your website is less flat and more like a template. Various shapes can be used to break up the lines. Very aesthetically pleasing and great when building and delivery of a fresh strong brand. This is particularly important with homepage where an instant impression is essential.


Many website trends rely on high quality imagery and photos to give their website a stunning look. In the coming year, the step further could be to use animation features such as GIFs, but high quality video will be key to visitors building a relationship with your business, brand and /or blog.

Simple Navigation

A key feature of any homepage in our opinion, should have clear links to every other section or page in the website. We believe this is also an important SEO ranking factor that Google considers too. When visitors visit your website, they want to locate information very quickly and will leave if they can’t. The simple solution to simple navigation, is fewer pages and clear tabs and links to shorten visitors journey around your site.


Strong typography will always make any website trends stand out. The written content should be the main focus and attraction to any visitor. How many websites do you see everyday with standard looking fonts such as Arial? Before you go for something that is too wacky or cannot be read easily, consider something that is unique to your brand. It must be clear with space around it to make letter shapes and separation distinct. Imaginative heading styles will also make your content stand out.


So many websites are loaded with sidebars, ads and banners that serve as a massive distraction to the reader. These features often take the reader away from the all important content. ‘Content is king’ as the phrase goes, so cutting out distractions is vital. In our opinion too many distractions clutters a website and make it look tacky and spammy.

Lazy Loading Sites

These are sites with the use of effects such as parallax. Some sites, especially on social media,  have a continuous scroll where you do not need to leave the initial page to get to new content. Will new websites go down this root in future? Possibly yes, but further links above would surely be needed and it would depend on the nature of the site.

Responsive Design

Many website readers will not know what it takes to make a website responsive and load quickly. If they have to wait too long then they’re long gone!

In a world where we surf online using mobile devices more and more a responsive site must look almost the same on mobile as it does on desktop. This is where themes such as Divi help designers as they are so easily customisable and they have built in viewing features to assist the designer when building a new site so the website can be optimised for mobile devices.

So many sites have good images on multiple pages. Using plugins such as WP Smush improve loading times by compressing and optimising images so that loading speeds and image quality are optimised together.

Reduction in Content.

Many websites have at least 200 words on a single page (with exception to blog posts of course) to support SEO. However, on mobile devices this volume of content can inhibit user experience. So more clear and concise content is the way forward.


Many of these ‘new’ design trends are not necessarily new but they will always be important. The very most important aspects of any new website is that it is memorable, loads fast, has ease with respect to navigation and has high quality content for the readership.