Looking to start your own website or blog? Not sure which platform to choose to build your website?

Let us help you make the best choice – WordPress!

But why choose WordPress for your website?

We found that 27% of the entire Internet is now made of WordPress websites. This is something like 16 million websites and counting! This means WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) worldwide.

Check out our top 10 reasons why you should choose WordPress for your website over other platforms.


#1 WordPress Is Free!

WordPress is free and we recommend you use WordPress.org as appose to WordPress.com. The only cost to you is going to be for a domain and hosting. See our post on getting started with WordPress. You can of course choose various plugins that come with cost but there are many that are free also.

#2 Immediately Ready Out Of The Box

Just install WordPress and you are pretty much ready to go. No further installs need aside from various plugins you choose as you build your website. The WordPress platform is also universal and any time your login to your website back office you can guarantee the dashboard will look the same. No need to reinvent the wheel here!

#3 Relatively Easy To Learn

If you choose to build your own website then there are some great places to learn WordPress and you can learn the absolute basics within a couple of hours so you can get started yourself if you have the time.

The platform is easy to access and navigate so that you can add great content. Being web designers why are we telling you this?

A website owner may require us to outsource the construction of their website and then want to be able to maintain it themselves afterwards. The great thing is that you can learn the basics so you can look after your website yourself as it evolves. We would suggest that you are 100% comfortable with this idea as you would not want to pay somebody to design your website to then go mess it up!

WordPress allows anybody to add great content but a web developer can add more by way of design and improve things like loading speed.

Why Choose WordPress For Your Website

#4 Massive Diversity In Design

There are literally thousands of WordPress themes, which you can find across the net at places such as WordPress itself, Elegant Themes and ThemeForest. You can easily create a unique looking website for your business or interest. All of the themes can be easily customised too.

Why Choose WordPress For Your Website

#5 Search Engine Friendly

Did you know that Google ranks WordPress websites higher than any other platform? WordPress platforms are easy to crawl for search engines like Google and Bing. This reason alone is strong enough to help sway your decision so you get noticed online. WordPress has integrated blogging posts pages, which can be set up to add written and video content to your website which improves your ranking over time.

#6 Mobile Optimisation

Any target audience is going to be accessing information on the move via mobile devices like tablets and phones, so designing a website that can be viewed, navigated and loaded on such devices is crucial to your online success. The Divi theme by Elegant Themes can manage this with ease.

Why Choose WordPress For Your Website

#7 Support Communities

We use a variety of support communities to exchange ideas and this it what we love about the online business world. So many people out there prepared to offer you help and advice provided you give some back and look in the right place. And for nothing! Thankfully we are living in a much more collaborative world these days.

Why Choose WordPress For Your Website

#8 Ready For SEO

WordPress sites are well suited to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and have some great plugin tools that frequently get updated to guide you with SEO over time. SEO is on-going with respect to change as search engines like Google change their algorithms all of the time and with hundreds of ranking factors.

#9 Safe and Secure

We have heard of many people who have had something hacked online and we are sure it is no fun. Having the right technical support via your host is important to help if this happens otherwise you may end up incurring further costs to your business. We also use additional plugins such as Wordfence to monitor the security of your site.

Without the right plugins your WordPress site like any other can be vulnerable to attack. WordPress typically releases security updates and bug fixes several times a year too.

#10 Manage & Eliminate Comment Spam

WordPress comes with default tools to help you fight the spammers. You can also choose to control spam-using plugins such as Akismet allowing you to moderate your “comments” settings. For example, you can moderate any comments before appearing on your site, block comments with specific words in them, block comments posted from specific IP addresses, and block comments containing more than a number of specified links.

#11 Different Media Types

From various files to high quality video, WordPress can handle it all. If not, various plugins will increase the capability of your website. Articles and video can easily be added to any page of your website.

#12 Different Media Types

All WordPress websites come with fully integrated blogging pages that can be customised to your liking and updated with ease. We can show you how to do this or provide this as part of our service so you can concentrate on money generating activities of your business.

WordPress was initially viewed as a blogging platform but these days the terms ‘website’ and ‘blog’ are becoming more and more merged as a result of this great platform.

#13 Draft and Preview Features

When producing long content you will need to constantly check the look of it especially when adding images or other media. You can also save your ‘drafts’ before final publishing live on the Internet.

#14 Automatic Notifications

WordPress can send automatic notifications so it notifies you via email each time there is a new comment or a comment awaiting moderation.

#15 Hosting

With WordPress you will not be committed to one particular hosting provider. Many hosts will transfer existing WordPress sites so if you have a problem with your current host then no worries, simply find another who can handle your site better. We use Digital Business Lounge for this site but this does come with additional marketing tools. Bluehost is another good option.

#16 Many Multi-Users and Multi-Site Technology

It is very likely that you will need different people to support you in managing your website.

From administrators to contributors or editors your site can be set up to your liking. Multi-site technology allows you to control one or thousands of WordPress sites from one administration panel, and is currently used to power over 20 million sites on WordPress.com and global sites like CNN and the New York Times, as well individual sites in networks, organizations and universities.

Multi-site technology allows each user to have full administrative rights over their own site without any security concerns. Each site can also have its own design (theme), individual functionality (using plug-ins), and manage its own users. Super administrators can implement network-wide policies and deploy security, plugin and theme updates at the click of a button from one central location.

#17 No Need For Web-Coding

Do you understand web coding?


Then this is the platform for you. You do not have to use web coding such as CSS, JavaScript of HTML. WordPress has been designed so that anybody can have a website or blog, so it is a very inclusive platform.

However, learning some code maybe useful if you want to become a developer or if you wish to customise your sites theme further.

Why Choose WordPress For Your Website

Are There Any Downsides To WordPress?

From this article you can see there are many wonderful features in WordPress. In a nutshell, they make WordPress almost certainly the most user friendly and inclusive platform for bloggers and business owners to build their brands.

No platform is completely free of bugs and niggles, which is why regular updates need to be completed as necessary.

Once your site has been built, you will have to decide whether you would like your web developer to manage your site for you or take it on yourself. Whichever you choose WordPress is the best choice by far in our opinion.

Now you have learned the reasons why you should choose WordPress for your website, you may need some further help.

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